Last Chance, Coming Right Up, and Next Week

This Thursday, September 30th, is your last chance to save $20 when you register for Renovation 2011, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada. I've already told you why you should be there. This Saturday, October 2nd I'll be at Dragon's Keep for Open Hobby Day. No, I won't sign your book or draw a picture in it. But you can come and watch me and others paint models. You can even sit and paint with us if the urge strikes. If this particular hobby has ever intrigued you, and if you happen to be local, by all means stop by. I'll have lots of my painted miniatures with me, including some of my very first, and some of my most recent. Like this fellow to the left, the War Hog from Privateer Press. Gorgeous model, only slightly ruined by my ham-handed paint job. (Okay, maybe I WILL sketch in your book. But only if I'm not busy painting. It's a play-day for me, and I play almost as hard as I work.) Next weekend, October 8th and 9th, I'll be at the Utah Open Source Conference. I'm speaking about online businesses on Saturday the 9th. If you register using the code SCHLK you'll save 50%, which brings the price of the event down to $50. If you work in the tech industry, that's totally tax-deductible. Also, the show is totally worthwhile. Oh, and I'll have a table set up where I'll be selling Schlock stuff.