Last Day For Sketched Scrapyards (Probably!)

Late to the party? Pre-orders opened on Friday. Business has been brisk over the weekend, for which I thank you all profusely and humbly. I see just how inclement the current economic climate is, and I'm grateful that you're keeping me and my family out of the worst of the weather. As of this writing there are only 200 168 95 48 10 FOUR negative one numbered sketch editions of Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance remaining. We've also sold through just over one-third of our available slip-cases. My guess is that we'll be out of sketch editions by the end of the day Monday. Empty slipcases and boxed sets should hold out through the end of April as the rush abates (though boxed sets with sketched Scrapyards will run out when sketch editions do). We still have 350 copies of Under New Management left, and they're the limiting factor on building boxed sets right now. Again, thank you for your enthusiastic support. No lie, I cried tears of joy this morning when I realized we had enough orders in place to be able to keep our heads above water for the next six months, and we were only 48 hours into the pre-order period. Sandra tells me we probably need eight months in order to breathe easy (it'll be at least that long before Resident Mad Scientist is off to the printer), but I'm now confident we'll get there. You Schlockers are wonderful, generous people and you're almost certainly not getting enough credit from the rest of the world for how awesome you are.