Leftover LTUE Linkage

There were a couple of things I didn't have links for when I blogged LTUE 2006 that I'd like to point you folks at. The first is Bob Defendi's very cool RPG setting. Final Redoubt Press is Bob's project, and he has previews up for you to look at. I played a demo in this fantasy world of Bob's, and it's a very interesting setting. More interesting still is the fact that he's licensing a few different RPG "engines" to keep the tabletop fanatics as happy as possible. The demo I played was d20, but he's got Rolemaster and a couple of others in the works as well. Oh, and it'll be published to the world through either ebooks or on-demand publishing. Bob's no dummy. The second is the Bellows Brothers' site Damn Interesting, in which they blog things that happen to strike their technical, historical, or literary fancies. The most recent two posts discuss the discovery of a species of woodpecker thought to be extinct, and the technology behind "dial-a-yield" nuclear weapons. So... go have a look. It's Monday. What ELSE were you going to do (besides read the Schlock Mercenary archives again...)