Leprecon 34 is This Weekend!

Leprecon 34If you're in Arizona, this weekend come see me at Leprecon 34, Arizona's science fiction and fantasy convention. It's being held at the gorgeous Francisco Grande Resort in the lovely desert hamlet of Casa Grande. I'll have books, pins, shirts, and maybe even some of the new shirts and mousepads.

I'll also be on a number of panels, answering Schlockiverse questions, and discussing a wide range of topics of interest to science fiction fans everywhere. You've heard me on Writing Excuses... now you can hear me in person, and try to stump me with your own questions. Ask whatever you like!

(Note: There are plenty of panels to attend, whether or not I'm on them. Check out the Leprecon 34 Programming Schedule here in PDF format.)

I'm bringing my markers, so I'll probably be able to bang out a few commissions, and I'll definitely be able to throw down lots of free sketches. Don't miss this chance to have me deface your Schlock book, or doodle in your sketchbook.