Life, The Universe, and Everything XXV

LTUE DragonThis week I kick off convention season with a local gig: Life, The Universe, and Everything XXV, where I'll be the Artist Guest of Honor.

I'll post my personal schedule later this week, but you can find the overall schedule here. Right now I'm just giving y'all the "heads up!" on stuff like books, commissions, and original strip art.

If you want, for instance, original strip art, you need to email me and tell me which strip(s) to bring. You can even pay for it in advance via Paypal (in fact, it's easier for me if you do, because I won't have a booth or a cash-box at the event.) The price? $40 for a daily, $80 for a sunday, unless there's something special about the strip (it's already been sold, it's in a museum, or I love it too much to part with it). If you don't bring something to put it in I think you can find appropriate packaging at the BYU Bookstore just around the corner and down two flights of stairs from the event.

I'll be doing sketches for free, and I might find the cycles to do a few inked and/or markered commissions, but as I said, I won't have a booth or cash-box. If you're going to be there, and you want me to execute some schlock-on-paper for you, it's okay to start standing in line NOW. Email me (howard dot tayler at gmail.)

As always, I'll be signing and sketching your Schlock books for free, and I'll have books on sale at the Bookstore's kiosk there at the event.

Friday morning is my keynote. I have slides! Oh, and what would YOU like me to talk about? I might be able to squeeze that in.