Order Now, and See Me at Lock & Load

I'll be at the Privateer Press Lock & Load event in a week. If you'll be there too, skip to the last paragraph!

While I know there is overlap between Schlock Mercenary readers and Warmachine players, it's not huge, and to further narrow the intersection of sets, there's probably a very limited number of people who play Warmachine, plan to attend Lock & Load next week, read Schlock Mercenary, AND want signed and sketched Schlock Mercenary books.

For this, and other reasons, I won't be selling books there. I'll be playing games, and maybe signing things related to the stuff I've written for Privateer Press. If, however, you are there and have Schlock Mercenary books, I'll totally sign and sketch those, too.

If you'll be there and you want me to sign books, place your order now. Then email schlockmercenary@gmail.com with your order number and the words "Lock & Load" in the title. We'll put those unsigned, unsketched books in the mail tomorrow, and you'll have them in time for the event. I'll bring my Sharpie.