Lock & Load, Wherein The Author Takes Some Time Off

I'll be at the Privateer Press Lock & Load GameFest this weekend!

They're flying me out on their dime, and the schedule they presented me with was rammed to its riveted seams with free time. 

Usually I have four to six hours of programming each day, plus a signing or two. Lock & Load? A couple of really cool panels about the writing process, and then lots of long, terrifying stretches of blank space.

Apparently they want me to come and play with them. As in, games. My editor Aeryn said, and I quote:

"You'd better bring an army. I plan to thoroughly whoop your butt with my freshly painted Skorne."

It's nice to see the adversarial author/editor relationship being maintained in this way. Seriously, though, Aeryn insisted that I pack an army and suggested that I make time to hang out near the Iron Arena for pick-up games.

So I grabbed my pick-foam carrying case and packed all of my Farrow, which you can see here are fully-painted. They will look really good in victory or in defeat. Once I was committed to bringing that case, I figured I might as well fill it, so I added models that I can enter in the painting competition. These will look even better in victory or in defeat.

If you're going to be at the event, maybe we can get a game in. Be warned, however: it's possible that they'll put some sort of a bounty on my head, so that playing games with me is worth more credit toward I-don't-know-what. My dance card may fill quickly with the blood of a metaphor that shouldn't have tried to mix dancing and bounties with a wargame.

You'll definitely be able to catch up with me at the signing from 1:10 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. on Saturday, where I'll be autographing copies of my brand-new story from Skull Island eXpeditions, appearing in print exclusively at Lock & Load. Electronic editions will eventually be made available for anyone to purchase on the SkullIslandX website.