It's been almost a week since I saw Looper, but you guys deserve a review. 

Here's the short version: If you can accept time travel, telekinesis, and the whole concept of sending people back in time to have them killed, this film is a solid action movie, a powerful drama, and a tense thriller, all wrapped up in one, frighteningly recursive package. The science of telekinesis isn't touched on at all, however, and the science of time travel is sort of gestured at, but never covered in any meaningful way.

Does that mean it's not a science fiction movie? Well, we could argue that until the cows come home, get sent forward in time, and come home again. It is DEFINITELY a speculative fiction movie -- "what if time travel was completely and exclusively within the purview of powerful criminals?"

I don't want to spoil anything, but I feel like I do need to say at least this much up front: if threatened children are a trigger for you,  see something besides Looper. 

Did I like the film? Oh yes, very much. But I don't much love being tense, and this film did a great job evoking that response, as well as a number of other emotional and metabolic conditions, so it comes in at number 12 for me for the year.