LTUE 2013

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I'll be at "Life, The Universe, and Everything 31," the science fiction and fantasy symposium that used to be at BYU. This year it's at the Provo Marriott  Hotel and Conference Center downtown, which puts it in easy walking distance of real food, some of which is quite good. 

Here's my schedule: 

3:00pm: Illustrating Action, with JEff Brimley, Brian C. Hailes, and James A. Owen (Maple)
4:00pm: Writing A Teaser. This is all me, and it's a workshop. Bring your plot synopses, and prepare to fix them. (Birch)
6:00pm: Space Eldritch, with Michael R. Collings, Carter Reid, Brad R. Torgersen, David Butler, Robert J. Defendi, and Nathan Shumate. I'm moderating. (Ampitheater)
7:00pm: I am leaving the building for a private off-site event. SLOW ME DOWN AT YOUR PERIL.
11:00am: Creating Effective Fight Scenes, with Jennifer Nielsen, Adam Meyers, Mike Kupari, and Anna del C. Dye (Birch)
12:00pm: Gun Use in Fiction, with Zachary Hill, Julie Frost, Mike Kupari, and Larry Correia (Cedar)
1:00pm: Creators in the Community, with James A. Owen, David Farland, Tracy Hickman, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, and Megan Whelan Turner (Zion)
4:00pm: Podcasting 101, with Tom Carr, Revan, J. Scott Savage, and Shanda Cottam (Birch)
9:00am: Worldbuilding 101, with James A. Owen, Larry Correia, Robert J. Defendi, Dan Willis, and Jaleta Clegg. (Zion)
10:30am: Offsite meeting
12:00: XDM: Xtreme Dungeon Mastery, with Tracy Hickman (Aspen)
4:00pm: Engines of Exploration, with James A. Owen, Charles Stanford, Kevin Evans, Roger White, and Megan Whelan Turner (Birch)
5:00pm: The Business of Art, with Steve Keele, Brian C. Hailes, and James A. Owen (Birch)
7:00pm: Gala Banquet (Zion)
When I'm not on panels or otherwise booked you can find me in the dealer's room. Probably. Note that I will not be attending the big Friday Night Signing thingy. I'm probably going to MonkeySlothCon, the details of which are so secret I don't have them yet. If you want something signed or sketched in, just have me do it in the Dealer's Room.