LTUE XXX: Too Hot for BYU

For the last 29 years, "Life, The Universe, and Everything: The Marion Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy" (LTUE) has been held at Brigham Young University.

There is no truth whatsoever in the rumor that the designation "LTUE XXX" so shocked the conservative university's sensibilities that they'd have nothing to do with it. There is, however, truth in the fact that Utah Valley University welcomed the triply-X-enumerated event with open, (dare-we-say-loving? I do) arms.

Seriously, LTUE 30 is at Utah Valley University in the Sorensen Center February 9th, 10th, and 11th. The venue-switch came kind of late in the game so the registration page looks a lot like you're registering for a course at UVU. It's $30 for all three days, and I have no idea how it will show up on your transcript. 

The full schedule is here. The highlights include a live-studio-audience session of Writing Excuses, a solo presentation on humor by yours truly, and a panel in which I expect to be talked under the table by the moderator, Bob "Damn Loud" Defendi. And those are just MY highlights. 

LTUE is usually my first convention of the year (even if it is technically a symposium, which means the focus is on the panels, and the educational aspects thereof) and it's one of my very favorite events. If you're in the area, you should attend.