LTUE Schedule

Life, The Universe, and Everything 2006: The Marion K. 'Doc' Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy is this Thursday through Saturday on BYU Campus here in Provo, Utah.

It begins for me on Wednesday evening, as I participate in the pre-Symposium Star Trek Larp with other guests, convention committee members, and my 10-year-old daughter. Yes, it's true, children. Daddy LARPs. Now please don't make me explain to you where babies come from.

Post-LARP, there's a reception open to the public at 7:30pm in the Wilkinson Center, Room 3228, on BYU campus.

The rest of my schedule runs as follows:


  • 10am: "Rockets and Robots"
  • 4pm: "Writing a Comic Series"
  • 7pm: "Drawing Dragons"

  • 9am: "High Tech Gadgets"
  • 6pm: "Schlock Mercenary" (the "me" panel)

  • 1pm: "Create a Character and Have Someone Else Draw it."
  • 3pm: "Working as a Team" (the "Howard and Sandra" panel)
  • 6pm "Making a Living as an Artist."

In between sessions I'll likely be at a table in Room 3228 whipping out free pencil sketches and charging all the market will bear for inking and markering them (Note: on a University campus, the market won't bear much). Hopefully by the time the "Making a Living as an Artist" panel comes around everybody will have already seen how I do it, and I can use next month's grocery money as a visual aid. Of course, by 3pm on Saturday Sandra will have shown up, and will likely raid my wallet for every nickel. It is grocery money, after all.

As always, my lunch times and dinner times (and sometimes breakfasts) can be rented. Buy me a meal, and I'll sit with you, draw something for you (with ink and markers, even), and we'll have a fine time. There's a nice variety of franchises in the cafeteria just downstairs from the event. You know... good American food.

The full schedule of events, with room numbers and all that, can be found here.