LTUE this Weekend

I'll be at Life, The Universe, and Everything XXVI this Thursday evening, Friday, and Saturday. This event is just down the road from where I usually hang out anyway, and is a fun "kick-off" for me for convention season. Except that this year I'm not DOING convention season. I need to put out books. I love meeting with fans and friends at events, but I just can't afford to do much travel until I've put a serious dent in the back-log of Schlock books. I've been working on putting Schlock into print for just over three years now, and we have just under four years in print. Hopefully I'll have almost six years in print by the end of this year, but that requires me to stay home, stick my hiney in my chair, and work. Back to LTUE. Yesterday I finished the last of the artwork required for Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance. I get a vacation, and it is two and a half days long. I'll be hanging out at LTUE, visiting with friends, and mouthing off at panels. I will not be setting up a table, hawking my wares, or drawing commissions. That's not enough like "vacation" for me. I probably will be doing those things at CONduit in Salt Lake City in May, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. If you'd like to come see me at LTUE I'll make sure the BYU Bookstore has a few of each of my titles, and I'll bring a sharpie for scribbling in the backs of them. Yes, I can put a sketch in your sketchbook, too, but try and give a guy some breathing room, okay? I'm on vacation.