LTUE XXV: Howard's Schedule

Here's my schedule for Life, The Universe, and Everything XXV at BYU this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: THURSDAY
9:00am-10:30am: Signing and reception in the BYU Bookstore 10:30am-5:00pm: Knocking around, maybe drawing stuff, maybe seeing other panels. 5:00pm-LATE: Private dinner with friends.
11:00am-11:50am: Main Address - The Free Content Small Business Model, or "How I Quit My Day-Job to Become a Cartoonist." (Howard Tayler) 12:00pm-6:00pm: Knocking around, maybe drawing stuff, maybe seeing other panels. 6:00pm-6:50pm: How to Put Together an Art Portfolio (Steve Keele, Kevin Wasden, and Howard Tayler) 7:00pm-7:50pm: Making a Living as an Artist (Kevin Wasden, Steve Keele, and Howard Tayler) 8:00-LATE: No dinner plans. Make me a low-carb offer.
9:00am-9:50am: Word Wizarding (Eric James Stone, Nancy Fulda, Virginia E. Baker, Howard Tayler, Dave Wolverton) 12:00pm-12:50pm: Book Signing (Eric James Stone, Howard Tayler, Dan Willis, Julie Wright) 4:00pm-4:50pm: Promoting Your Art Online (Steve Keele, Kevin Wasden, and Brian Hales --with Howard Tayler moderating) 6:00pm-6:50pm: Creating a World Visually (Howard Tayler, Kevin Wasden, Steve Keele, Kevin Keele, Brian Hailes) 7:30pm-8:45pm: Fantasy Banquet off-campus.
From the looks of this schedule, if you want a sketch or a commission, catch me on Thursday, or after lunch on Friday. I'll have some Schlock Mercenary marker art for sale through the Bookstore, but I'm not sure where their kiosk will be.