Howard's LTUE Schedule

I got to be on the radio!

One of the things we talked about was LTUE, the event for which I still owe you my schedule. Here 'tis.


12:00 noon -- Building Believable Aliens: Helge Moulding, Dan Willis, Howard Tayler

2:00pm -- Plots, Subplots, and Foreshadowing: Dan Willis, Howard Tayler, Larry Correia

5:00pm -- The Art of Podcasting: Sarah M. Eden, Dan Wells, Robison Wells, Howard Tayler


12:00 noon -- Charisma is not a Dump Stat: Howard Tayler, Tracy Hickman, Jake Black


10:00am -- Writer/Artist Health: Ami Chopine, Howard Tayler, Berin Stephens

1:00pm -- Writing Excuses Podcast, Recorded Live: Dan Wells, Howard Tayler,  Dave Wolverton, Tracy Hickman, Larry Correia, Sarah Eden, Robison Wells

6:00pm -- The Business of Art: Steve Keele, Brian Hailes, Howard Tayler


I hope to see you there!