Sci-Fi Symposium This Week - LTUE 29

I'm one of the special guests at LTUE 29, whose fully-unwieldy name is Life, The Universe, and Everything: The Marion K. Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy. The event runs this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's being held in the Harmon building on Brigham Young University campus, and students of any institution get in free with a valid I.D. The rest of us pay $25 at the door. 

The event is not in its usual home in the Wilkinson Center, so if you're a regular you'll need to aim yourself about four blocks north. We're farther away from the food court, but we should have much better spaces for panels and dealers. And speaking of dealers, yes, I'll be dealing. See me for your dead-tree schlock fix.

I'll post my schedule tomorrow. Today I need to focus on writing some comics.