LTUE 30: Howard's Schedule

LTUE starts today. For much of the event I'll be squirreled away in the Dealers' Room, but I do have some panels.

Sorry for the absence of room numbers. I don't have those yet!



4:00pm -  Writing Humor -- I'll try to tell you everything I know about this in an hour. 


2:00pm - Writing Excuses, Recorded Live! -- Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler with guests James A. Owen, Larry Correia, James Dashner, and others. This is a two-hour session carved up into twenty-minute segments. 

5:00pm - Science Fiction and Computing -- Howard Tayler, David Ferro, and Eric Swedin. The three of us will talk about the intersection of these two domains, and how they resulted in a very cool book of essays.


11:00am - How Does Geography Affect Your Story -- Joshua Perkey, Isaac Stewart, Howard Tayler, and Robert J. Defendi. I think this is the one where Josh, Isaac and I attempt to be heard over Bob.

4:00pm - Artists on Art -- James A. Owen, Brian Hailes, Kevin Wasden, and Howard Tayler. I'm moderating this show, and it should be fun.