Because Kittens

When Life magazine ran a bunch of science photos from the previous century I perused the collection with delight, and then the last one (#37 in the stack of 37) really spoke to me. 

The caption suggested that scientists in the 1950's were pretty desperate to understand how microgravity environments might disorient astronauts.

The photo suggested a better caption. Sadly, I did not know what it was. I'm not a meme person, but I know what they are, and I know what they're for. So I posted a link to the photo, and suggested to my following on Twitter that a better caption existed somewhere, but I did not know it. 

My brother Randy Tayler did.

Happy Monday! Halloween is around the corner, and this seems to fit. And on a related note, my brother's dating website for the dead, Ghost Singles, has been getting international news coverage this year, and the chat room there is a great place to spend some quality Halloween time.