Making A Dent

As you can see, we've made a dent in the pallet-cluster in my garage. Making A Dent In The Pile I recall looking out the kitchen door into the garage, seeing this wall of identical boxes, and thinking "the Ark of the Covenant is in here SOMEwhere." It may not look like much of a dent, but that's because there was an unpictured half pallet that we plowed through before starting on the pallet to the right. Below, my good friend Timothy "feeds" me, unpacking and stacking books so I can keep signing. Timothy stacks, Howard signs The books come twenty to a carton, which means that the process of opening and stacking cartons happens far too often for me to do both jobs efficiently. With skinnier books (fifty, or even ninety to a carton in previous shipments) I could get away with that. Ah, those were the days. (By the way, if these photos are making you hungry for your very own Tub of Happiness, by all means indulge yourself in the still-discounted-by-five-dollars pre-order. The more you buy, the fewer I have to haul into my basement.) After I've signed 'em, Sandra has to stamp 'em. Sandra stamps Every face-up book in this picture still needs her stamp. At this point in the process, she can't keep up with me -- especially not with Timothy helping. This is okay, because once I had enough boxes signed-and-stamped, I left Sandra with a queue to keep stamping in, and headed down to The Keep with a dozen cartons for sketching. Patches On BoxesWith me gone, Sandra proceeded to stamp the rest of what I'd signed, and she created this stack of books for me to haul off for sketching. My youngest son was pleased to be allowed atop it for the photo*. This isn't all of what we've signed and stamped, though... yesterday I sketched in seven cartons' worth of books, and I have another five waiting for me at The Keep. Between the cartons waiting and the stack pictured here, we won't need to sign-and-stamp again until Thursday morning. Oh, wait. Thursday is TOMORROW. (*Note: Getting a genuine smile out of this boy was tricky. I started with "smile for the camera" and got the standard "I am smiling" fake-smile. After a few similar attempts, I gave up. I told him "Do NOT smile for this picture," and then I scowled at him with a bit of a wink and a smirk. He struggled for a moment, and then burst into laughter. Ka-CLICK. Instant masterpiece.)