March 01, 2004

Birthday Blog

My birthday was wonderful. The weekend was basically a two-day leap-fest of laughing with friends, ripping paper from cool stuff, and not dieting.

A big shout goes out to fans and friends Ryk, Rich, Andy, Troy, and Lisa, who surfed out to my Amazon wish list and bought me the cool stuff. Sandra has done the Birthday Etiquette thing and made a list of folks to whom I should send "thank-you" cards. Naturally, I won't be buying any cards. All you'll get from me is a crappy sketch.

Sunday dinner was Sandra's deee-licious chicken rolls, served with sides of mashed potatoes and chicken gravy. My birthday "cake" was a home-made pumpkin pie with one of those numeral candles on it. I thought Sandra had gotten the wrong one, until I realized the "6" I was holding had the wick on the wrong end.

Incidentally, it's a good thing you fans sent stuff. The gifts from family members all ended up delayed in the post, "spoiled" by eager kids, or otherwise non-unwrappable (like the custom plates I was granted permission to order). The only family present that I actually got to unwrap was "Mario Kart Double-Dash," and I was pressured into ripping into that one first thing Sunday morning by my oldest son. "My want you open this now, so my can play Mario Kart Double-Dash." is a close paraphrase.

I'm not complaining. Birthdays aren't about material goods. Granted, the Vangelis and Daft Punk CDs I got are getting heavily listened to, and Futurama Season Two has been a big hit with the whole family, but even without that stuff I'm a pretty happy guy. Lots of you emailed birthday wishes, and more than anything it's just nice to know that I'm loved.

Sure, sure, most of you only love me because of the fix I provide you with every day, but codependency masquerading as love is so common these days I'd have to be a stone-cold cynic to poo-poo it. Y'all are great.

Here's hoping we can do this again when I turn 40. Another four years of Schlock can only be a good thing, and perhaps by then prices on Segways and flying cars will have dropped to the point that I'll get some of THOSE in the mail.