March 06, 2004

I Hate To Say I Told You So

With a subject like the one above, you'd think I'm about to talk about Martha's conviction in light of my earlier commentary. Nope. I'm talking about nanotube gel in light of my story about the origin of amorphs.

I'm not big on "I told you so." There's not much point in saying much more than you already said if you turned out to be right. You just point, nod, and smile, and anyone smart enough to remember what you said before will correctly credit you with being right. Doing more than that is just bragging.

What I like to do is speculate wildly on the future. Like "what will happen if the icecaps melt?" Conventional wisdom says "flooding," but about six years ago I read an article about deep sea currents that led me to believe otherwise. Thus, global warming never factored into my shaping of the Schlockiverse, but there may very well have been a quick ice age in there somewhere.

Fast-forward six years. Friday the NASA News sent me this article about how global warming could lead to a quick ice-age. The penultimate pair of sentences is great:

If the Great Conveyor Belt suddenly stops, the cause might not matter. Europeans will have other things on their minds--like how to grow crops in snow.

I'm not bragging about this, mind you. I'm just pleased to see that I picked a winner. Unlike those flywheel batteries I read about in 1995 that have been completely displaced by fuel cells. Bah.

As long as I'm linking to things, a fan read my silly wish for a Segway and sent me this link to an article by a guy who built his own. Nifty. Now where's my flying kit-car? It's not the future without flying cars.