March 07, 2001

Well... it certainly seems like it's been a while since I updated the open letter. Fact is, It's only been a week, but in Internet time, that's like forever.

Enough temporal stuff. The REAL fact is I'm having connection problems, along with a bout with the flu. Mostly I'm better now, but my PC is not. I'm planning to take care of that this week at some point, in between the incredibly time-consuming demands of my day job and the time I spend at home with that kind woman and those small people who live in my house.

Send your condolences to my poor, kicked butt, because as soon as my wife reads that last paragraph, she's going to seriously purple my glutes with a block of firewood.

In other news, I'm successfully resisting the absurd temptation to script an insane ship's computer blurting out "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." Not in my strip, thank you.