March 09, 2004

Enough With The Flying Cars, Already

Following my closing quip in my last letter I got bombarded with email from readers determined to prove me wrong about the flying car thing, every last one of them linking to this flying car company. I've actually known about Moller and his flying car since 1987, or thereabouts, but since nobody can actually own one of these yet, it hardly counts. Also, I specified flying kit car, and Moller isn't selling kits.

The stand-out email during this time period was from a guy who sent me news about an anime impinging on what is obviously MY territory -- talking poop. The show is called "Doggy Poo," and I'll let you read the linked review for yourself. Forget the fact that it's based on a Korean children's book from the '60s, and ignore that South Park "Christmas poo" guy... sentient piles of what appear to be crap are MY space. Mine I say!

(Later this week, watch me take on Disney and Pixar!)