March 14, 2002

Yet another journalist (Kevin Chang, of Maryland) has stepped up to the task of reviewing Schlock Mercenary. I'm pretty pleased with the way the article came out--he interviewed me by email, and then posted this article in his award-winning school newspaper (that would be the Silver Chips Online, from Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring,Maryland). Naturally, he was motivated more by the opportunity to bring great, newsworthy information to his student body than by the fact that my offer of free artwork to journalists still stands. After all, the media is above bribery, and my little gift is just a token of my appreciation--artwork in exchange for fine prose, if you will.

I'm coming up on a week's worth of technical conference. Novell BrainShare begins on Monday, and I'll be presenting about 10 hours worth of sessions, meeting with the trade press, and basically standing up all freakin' week. This is apparently the largest proprietary technical conference to take place since September 11th, and it's being held in Salt Lake City, which some of you may remember was host to the largest Winter Olympics to take place since September 11th. I'm pretty sure most of the National Guardsmen have gone home, though.

The point of this is that I'm not going to be able to work on the strip for a week. Right now the buffer stands at about 32 days, and I'm scripted through the end of April, so I'm not worried about falling behind. No, my primary concern is for the innocent people. I may go violently crazy from not finding time to sit quietly by myself and draw pictures of people killing each other. And most of the National Guardsmen have gone home...