March 14, 2004

Bacheloring Sucks Rocks

I've accumulated quite the stack of frequent flyer miles, and a few months ago Sandra suggested that she and the kids fly to California to visit grandma, great-grandma, grandpa, and crazy uncle Waldo (he's not really crazy, and his name's not Waldo... in fact, I'm not sure my kids even HAVE an uncle out there these days). Well, the two of us sat down and looked at our travel schedules, and Sandra decided that the best time for her to be gone with the kids was the week that I planned to be gone for BrainShare.

So far so good. I sent her the dates, she booked tickets, and we're all set.

Except that I sent her the wrong dates. Or maybe she got the right dates, but never cleaned the wrong dates off of the calendar. Or maybe the Finger of The Lord wrought upon the face of the calendar and skewed our dates for us. Whatever the cause, the result is that all this week I'm home alone, and all next week Sandra is the only adult in the house. We managed to MAXIMIZE our time apart, instead of minimizing it.

Anyway, right now I'm hungry, I'm cold, and I've discovered that I'm largely incompetent. Ordinarily I'm a pretty fair cook -- the breakfast I whipped up when Sandra was still here Saturday morning was a fine southern breakfast: basted eggs, thick-and-crispy bacon, grits, whole-wheat toast and Tang. Lunch was another matter, though. With Sandra gone I tried to do some creative stuff with Thai satay sauce, tofu, frozen shrimp, and hot oil. The best part of that meal was the Diet Pepsi, and that's because the disposal neither chews nor splatters that back at you.

Oh, and for some reason not having the pitter-patter (well... thump-thump-thump) of little feet upstairs while I'm drawing has distracted me to the point that I only got one strip drawn today. Ugh. Buffer=27 as of this writing.

Every cloud has a silver lining though. AAAAUGH! METAL BITS FALLING FROM THE SKY! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!