March 22, 2001

Today's top story-- Howard is not in Germany. My boss and I discussed things, and determined that one of us needed to go to Germany, and one of us needed to stay in Utah and finish up BrainShare. Since my boss actually speaks some German, he got on the plane, and I got to sleep in my own bed last night.

Speaking of sleep, I fell asleep last night at 7pm, and woke up this morning at 7:45am. Apparently I've been cheating myself out of sleep for the last few days, and it caught up with me ("it" being the metaphorical equivalent of a two-meter thug with a sap, dispatched from the sleep loan sharks to break my kneecaps). I feel pretty good right now.

So if you're looking for me at CeBIT, you'll be looking for a while. If, however, you happen to be at BrainShare, I'll be back at the convention center Thursday afternoon to heckle the presenter of IO 152, and I'll be at "Meet The Experts" over in the Collaboration Services area until maybe 9pm.

In other news, I've redesigned this page a bit to make it smaller, and I've taken the advice offered by my many entry fans and kept this letter on this page.

I've been busy lately, and updating the entry just hasn't floated to the top of my list of things to do. This week I'm on the road at BrainShare Salt Lake (Novell's big technical conference) and CeBIT in Hannover, Germany

I doubt there are very many Schlock fans at BrainShare or CeBIT, but if you happen to be at either event, look for me. I'm the short, bald guy. I'll be in sessions IO149 and TUT190 at BrainShare (as a presenter), and I can probably be found at the Novell booths at CeBIT. Probably. I've never been there before, and have no idea what the future really holds.

In other news, my strip buffer is slipping over the next several days, and will bottom out at around 13 days. Fear not, fair reader! I have every intention of living up to my commitment to you: fresh Schlock every day, forever (or until I die, whichever comes first).

Oh, and another thing: I'm thinking about moving most of the non-comic content of this page off to another page (including the open letter) in order to save bandwidth a bit. Lemme know what you think, if you get a minute to actually think about it.