March 28, 2001

Since the last entry I've cranked out six strips, so the buffer stands right now at 17 days. Not bad, but not good enough. I'm shooting for a minimum of thirty days, and it'll probably take me most of April to get there. The good news is that I still like doing this. I've watched several of my fellow web-toonists take vacations, or end their strips because it stopped being fun, or because life got too busy. I feel bad for them, and extra-bad for their fans.

Fans... I'm not sure what to call you regular readers, since I run the risk of overgeneralizing the moment I try to hang a label on you. My experience via email and the forums, though, is that you are all quite witty, and many of you are a fair shot smarter than I am. Okay, now that you've been flattered (but honestly, mind you) I think today would be a good day for all of you to vote for Schlock at the Planet Cartoonist Top 100 list. Just click, and your vote will be counted (once per day).

I've been meaning to post a link to Toonbots for a while, and not just because Michael posted a very favorable review of Schlock. He's doing an amazing thing, teaching his server to draw comics on the fly with CGI, XML, and other acronymically dispronounceable web tools. Check it out.