Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars, everybody. The Official Launch Party for Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management will be held at Dragon's Keep on May 20th, 2006. Come early, stay late. I'll be there from 11:00am through whenever we close. Festivities will probably be at their most fevered pitch between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. There will be food. There will be Schlock books. There will be signings and doodlings and free sketches. There will be Frag. There will probably be games of Magic, Heroclix, Warhammer, Munchkin, Clout, Racer Knights, Pirates, and whatever else the folks at the Keep want to break out. Show up for the book, then stick around and play with us. The best part... you don't need to buy anything to play with us. And that's the way it ALWAYS is at the Keep. Be warned, though: Lance Corporal Lemming Bok-Bok (yours truly) may frag you, and then jump in the acid before anybody can shoot back. He's that kind of a wuss-campy gamer, he is. If you've ordered books and live in Utah Valley or Salt Lake Valley, the odds are very, VERY good that your mail-orders will arrive BEFORE the launch party. We'll be shipping the books starting on Saturday the 13th, if the river don't rise. If you've pre-ordered a book at the Keep (which is the only place on Planet Earth where you can place a pre-order without plunking down any money) it will be there waiting for you. This is going to be fun, kids. Don't miss it.