Everything Old is New Again

We're bringing an old design back in a new way. Behold, the Maxim 1 discharge tee!

What does "discharge" mean in this context? It means that this great big design was "washed out" of the shirt rather than being silkscreened on. The result is two-fold: first, the design color is the very subtle off-white, natural color of the fabric. Second, the shirt is all-over soft and the image won't peel away no matter how rough you are with it.

We have around 150 of these, and there is just enough time to turn around another order in time for Christmas shoppers. In a perfect world we'll sell out really fast and then hurry up and make more.

In an imperfect world (the one we live in, alas) these will sell slowly, but we'll still be out of your size when you order in late November. I'm not trying to build a false sense of urgency here. I'm just trying to make as many people happy as possible.

[UPDATE: We ran out of 3XL and 4XL, but we sold through enough shirts that I will be placing another order later this week. WE LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD!]

And speaking of "happy," getting paid a second time for the same design isn't enough for my inner mercenary to be truly happy. Shooting for three, behold, the Maxim 1 Pillage Bag!

Yes, calling it a "Pillage Bag" seems less environmentally friendly than calling it a "reusable grocery tote," but perhaps you don't want to be environmentally friendly. You might want to feel like you're on a raid every time you shop for sustenance. If your inner Viking happens to be helping to save the planet we'll all swear to the innocence of your intent in the matter.

As always, these fine products are available from the same online store where you can obtain dead-tree editions of Schlock Mercenary. If you haven't gotten your hands on Schlock books yet, try out the latest one and dare to attempt to remain unconverted to book ownership.