New shirts! Pre-order and get a discount!

Isn't that handsome! We'll be doing this as a discharge print, so the design will last as long as the fabric does. Discharge printing is where the color of the design is "bleached" out of the color of the shirt. 

We'll also be doing this in both men's and women's cuts. Ladies, we haven't done many shirts for you. It's hugely discriminatory, I know. Rub my nose in how wrong I am about Schlock Mercenary merchandise demographics by pre-ordering! We both win!

(Seriously, getting shirt sizes and cuts right is a huge risk, so I've always played it safe. Pre-ordering allows me to STILL play it safe, while at the same time gathering data I can use for future shirt orders.)

Since one shirt rarely justifies the shipping expense, we've decided to do TWO shirts. This second one is also a discharge print.

The challenge here is that the military green color is only available in the men's cuts. The women's cut will be that darker, more saturated green. Less military, more attractive, and there I go letting my biases get the best of me AGAIN. Why did I put the men's color above the women's one?

Hey, at least it's not blue vs. pink, right? Wait... am I allowed to make that joke? I JUST WANT TO SELL YOU A SHIRT.

So here's the deal: usually the big sizes and the women's cuts are a couple of dollars more expensive (that's the manufacturer's bias, not mine.) But since you're helping me figure out what ratio of sizes and cuts to order for conventions, I'm going to sell these all for the same price, AND have that price be a FULL FOUR DOLLARS lower than the base price. 

So, $14.00 each

Do you need more goodies in order to justify the shipping expense? Well... the store is full of other stuff, you know. Look around! 

[Note: an earlier version of this post featured a khaki color for the men's Toughs logo. We've just been told that color won't take discharge printing well (too faint) and isn't available in all the big sizes. If you've already ordered, Sandra will be contacting you to straighten things out. If you're okay with the military green, the fix is already in.]