May 01, 2001

As long as everybody else is doing web com ic rants, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. Whatever that means.

I do Schlock Mercenary because I love it. I also do it because I like attention. All the world's a stage, and I like the limelight from time to time. So here in my little corner of the web I get all the attention and stuff I can handle. It's nice. It's also hard work, but I've discovered that the best things in life usually are: Marriage, children, webcomics...

I'd like to be able to do nothing BUT Schlock Mercenary, with time left over for creative and entrepreneurial endeavors as the whim strikes, but that day is not here yet. I'm feeding a family of five now, and none of them are pets that can be fed to the other family members in a pinch. I've got car insurance and health insurance to think of. I've got a mortgage.

I've also got a job that pays for all of this. It stresses me out sometimes, because it's not an easy job. I guess that's why it pays all my bills so handily. If people were asking me to do easy stuff they wouldn't be paying me as much.

So if I've got enough money, why did I put up Paypal and Amazon donation buttons? Good question. The answer: Some of my fans asked me to. Sure, if times get tougher and banner rates lower the money will come in handy for web-hosting, but I'm willing to foot that out of pocket. I've got the money at hand to do that. (Hand, pocket, foot... Am I going somewhere with this?)

Anyway, this isn't much of a rant. It's more of a reiteration of stuff I've said before. My commitment to Schlock Mercenary is still firm: New Schlock, right here, every day forever (or until I die). What other web-toonists do is up to them, and I wish them the best of everything, 'cause I know where they're coming from.

Well, there's my hat in the ring. Look. A hat.

(Hand, pocket, foot, hat... nope. That went nowhere. Sorry.)