May 01, 2010

Mayday! Mayday! Penguicon Report!

I wrote an eight-page Penguicon 3.0 report on Saturday, which I'd love for you all to read since I basically killed an entire day writing it.

Also, Sunday is the first of May, which I've been told means that it is "May Day." Supposedly that means summer is coming, but it's been cold and rainy here.

Oh, hey! Free Comic Book day is coming! Get out to a comic book store near you this next Saturday, May 7th, and grab free stuff! If you're in Utah Valley, come to Fantasy Rules Saturday morning and get a free sketch from me, or from one of the other artists who'll be there. I'm looking forward to limbering up the ol' pencilling hand so I can whip stuff out at high speed. Just don't ask for one of somebody ELSE'S characters. That TOTALLY slows me down. Especially Spider-man... all those webby bits.

If this blog sounds a little scatter-brained, it's because I used all the SMART words over here.

2005 Convention and Appearance Schedule

May 7: Fantasy Rules, American Fork, UT for Free Comic Book Day
May 27-29: CONduit XV, Salt Lake City, UT
July 13-17: Comic-Con 2005, San Diego, CA. (tentative... this one's pricey)
August 5-7: Fandemonium 2005, Nampa, ID. (tentative)
September 30-Oct 2: Linucon 2.0, Austin, TX. (tentative)
October 8-9: Revoluticon, Asheville, NC

Are you interested in having me come to your city? Your convention? Your HOUSE? Pay my way and pay my stay, and we can make it happen. The BEST way is to convince the convention organizers that I'm worthy of "GoH" status, but there are alternatives. Email me if you've got an event in mind.