May 14, 2004

Live Journalling... WOW.

Yesterday, after rambling a bit about the email survey results, I mentioned that I've got a Live Journal.

It took about 20 hours for me to get "friended" 100 times. And nine people went and friended Sandra.

(The fact that our culture has verbed the noun "friend" in this way restores some of my faith in humanity.)

I guess this means I'll be keeping up on the Live Journal. This begs an important question, however: what sort of bloggy content goes here in the entrys, and what goes into my Live Journal? I've been mulling over this all evening while drawing (if you're wondering, buffer=16, just finished three rows of a Sunday last night to wrap up the CSI parody), and I think I've got an answer:

I'll ramble in the Live Journal whenever I feel like it. Fewer people read it, but it's fun for me to write in. The content there is much less likely to be Schlock-specific, though a running buffer-count may be a regular feature.

The entry will be for stuff I think the majority of Schlock readers are going to be interested in. Announcements about new Fan Art, or linkages to nifty strips, or merchandise plugs... those will be the staple fare here, voiced in what I hope comes across as a witty, wry prose meant to entertain as much as inform.

From time to time, I may choose to cross-pollinate, pulling content from the entrys into the Live Journal, or vice-versa.

Discovering the Live Journal megacommunity was a little like falling down the rabbit hole after that damn rabbit (in this case, Jim Zubkavich) and finding that the guests at the tea party had been waiting to celebrate my unbirthday with me for years.

I'm touched. Really, I am. But I refuse to put on one of those silly hats.