May 17, 2004

Fan-Art Extravaganza!

Let's start with the Fan Art. It's been piling up, not because it comes in fast or in huge chunks, but because I'm a lazy, no-account bum unworthy of the goodies you send me. So start here, with a nice drawing of Schlock with someone else's less-popular character. Then you can use the navigation button on that page to move forward to here for a PDF that will let you build your very own Post-Dated Check Loan. No kidding.

Nav forward again to here, (or just click the link on this page, duh) for a single-panel comic featuring Schlock and Ennesby. Then head on to here for what I believe to be the first-ever Jevee Ceeta fan-art.

Next up, the guilt-trip award of the year goes to an actual useful piece of fan-art sent to me ages ago. I lost my photo of it, and forgot that I'd never posted a picture, so the artist patiently waited... for two years. And then sent me a birthday card asking if a picture of the art would ever air.

I'm a schmuck. I really am.

Lastly, a brand-new piece arrived Sunday from a new reader. It's my SECOND Jevee Fan art, and it's purty!

Oh, and before I forget, our favorite amorphous anti-hero cameo'd in Gnat's Wing and in Sammy the Vulture. Not bad.

And now, on to other things... with all this fan-art finally posted, I'm going to get back to work on the actual COMIC. I got the buffer up to 21 this weekend, but Monday morning it dropped to 19. To misquote Marvel's Human Torch, "GAME ON!"