May 20, 2002

I'm making progress, but not as quickly as I'd like to be.

As I mentioned on Saturday, I came home from nearly three weeks of travel with a mere seven days in the Schlock Mercenary buffer. Well, I managed to crank out a week's worth of strips on Saturday, and I got TWO weeks worth of scripting done on Sunday, so I'm now 12 days ahead in buffer-country, and I have enough scripts stacked up that I can go all art-bingey this week.

Frankly, I'd better... I recall an occasion last year when I shed 12 days of buffer just by getting sick, and on Sunday my youngest blew a stomachful of what looked like raw cheese all over the carpet.

That was probably too much information.

Here's hoping I don't get sick. This Teraport Wars storyline is just starting to get interesting, and I'm looking forward to the part where I put in the BLAM.

Speaking of BLAM, I picked up John Ringo's first book, A Hymn Before Battle, and read it on my flight to Barcelona. It was excellent. It was also recommended to me by the author himself, who happens to enjoy Schlock Mercenary. If that's not a source I can trust, I don't know what is. I won't trouble you with a review, or a synopsis, or anything. You've got the link. Go shopping.