May 29, 2001

For those of you who are curious about my health, I came back from France with campylobacter jejuni. Basically, I had a bacteria trying to colonize my colon (no pun intended). With the help of some antibiotics, the colony has been wiped out, the last colonists putting up only a token resistance as my troops swept them into the toilet of destiny with overwhelming force. I claim this planet for my butt.

Ahem. Speaking of medication...

Between travelling and getting sick, we came pretty close to the bottom of the buffer there. I say "we" because although it's "me" doing the writing, drawing, coloring, and stuff, it's "you" who'd be missing out if I dropped off the face of the planet (MyButt, colonized in May, 2001). We're in this together, you Schlock fanatics and I. Anyway, on May 19th I only had one strip colored and uploaded (although I had another 12 drawn and waiting to be colored), and the days since then have been a scramble to rebuild the buffer. Fortunately, this weekend has been kind to me. I cranked out fourteen strips, including a record-setting (for me) eight strips on Saturday. As of right now the buffer stands at 26 strips, colored and uploaded.

They're good strips, too. I mean, yeah, they're my usual schlock, but there's some woo-hah funny and some hiy-yah action in there. Gee, it's too bad you can't peek at my hard drive and see what's coming. That privilege is only afforded to a choice few.

One of those choice individuals is another cartoonist who happens to also be my brother. He regularly helps me do "funny checks" (making sure there's enough funny in the original script that when it all bleeds out while I draw there's still some left for my readers) and his help is invaluable. He does stand-up and improvisational comedy, and a daily online strip called Randym Thoughts. Randy knows funny, I tell you. Check his strip out.