May, June, and July at a Dead Run

My schedule looks fairly clear for the next two and half months.

This is a dirty lie. 

All that empty space needs to be filled with piles of glorious buffer, weeks upon weeks upon two months of strips to take us hopefully right to the end of Book 12: Force Multiplication. And I need to get all that work done by the end of the first week in July, because we're on schedule to receive 5,000 copies of Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei at that time, and then my life will be full of sketch editions.

Pre-orders should open in a couple of weeks. We don't want to hang on to your money for more than about 45 days if we can help it -- not without at least having merchandise here in hand.

During my book-sketching weeks I'll still need to keep up on the buffer because I've got a six-week run in August and September that include four events -- GenCon Indy, The World Science Fiction Convention, Dragon*Con, and a writer's retreat. During that time I'm probably going to shed at least four weeks of buffer, which is more than I currently have in the can.

My "stretch" goal for the next nine weeks is to create eighteen weeks of comics. During at least one of those weeks I want to pull off multiple week-in-a-day workdays and really push myself. And then I can treat all that travel in August as if it's some kind of crazy vacation.

That writers' retreat in September might just qualify. I've got at least three short stories and half a dozen novels begging for release from the confines of my brain (and my notes,) and only one of these stories is set in the Schlockiverse. Some of you have been asking for new and different things from me. If I work hard in June, I will make some of those things in September.