Meet Knuckles

Per my last post, on July 3rd (and well into the morning of the 4th) I started and finished painting a heavily-customized Dire Troll Mauler "Extreme Sculpt." Knuckles the Troll As one-day paint jobs go I'm quite pleased. It's definitely not my best work, though. You might not be able to see where I was going too fast, but I sure can. Still, I like the way he looks. If you think he looks a bit front-heavy, you're quite right. I've got a sheet of lead superglued inside his base to try to balance him, but he will definitely fall on his face if you give him a push from behind. knuckles-back.jpg I think the part I'm happiest with is the way his back turned out. Everything between the base of his spiny spinal crest and his loin-rag is my own sculpting -- the lats, the spinal muscles, and those rosy cheeks. I modeled it using my smaller Dire Troll's back as a guide. I think it looks much more interesting than the back the sculptor created for this model, and with paint on it's really hard to tell where his work ends and mine begins (though the babboon-butt is a definite cue that the Cartoonist was here.) Want more angles? Click on the thumbnails! knuckles-right2.jpgknuckles-right02.jpgknuckles-front.jpgknuckles-left2.jpgknuckles-left3.jpg