A Quick Megamind Review

I saw Megamind Tuesday morning with my fellow Writing Excuses co-host Dan Wells and his talented-and-currently-dayjobless brother Robison. The verdict? Megamind is my new #7 for the year. I laughed a lot. I was surprised. They didn't put all the best bits in the trailers (the most recent set of trailers did have minor spoilers in them, though, so be warned.)

I saw the film in 3D, and the technology was used to good effect. Lots of scenes got added depth, and the filmmakers didn't try to make me flinch by pretending to poke me in the eye. The scenes in which Megamind's planning notes are hanging from strings were particularly cool in 3D. 

If you look at my rankings you'll see, perhaps to your astonishment, that the numbers suggest I enjoyed Megamind more than Iron Man 2, but not quite as much as Scott Pilgrim. Yup. That's about right.