Memorial Day Musings

Perhaps it could go without saying that I honor and respect the men and women who have given their lives to keep me free. It should not, however. Though I believe my support is obvious, it can never be so obvious that it goes without saying. It must be said. It must be said aloud, and publicly. It must echo. I weep over our nation's noble dead, not just because I have missed the opportunity to know them in this life, and not just because I mourn the loss of their earthly futures. I also weep because I feel unworthy of the great gift they've given me. They inspire me to be better. What have I done with the freedoms I've been afforded? What more can I do in the future? You who currently serve, who live on, kneeling among fallen comrades... my prayers are with you. Stand proudly with my blessing, but don't forget to duck. Know that whether you come home with your shield or on your shield, I'll be working and praying to live worthily of the service you give me and my family. Thank you.