Miniature-Me Wants Miniature you!

My friends at Mimic Miniatures finally got their Kickstarter off the ground! Earlier this year they Kinect-scanned a bunch of us creatorly-types at a convention, printed miniatures, and painted them in anticipation of the project. Here's how I turned out...

Their Kickstarter project is live! Go have a look

(I said "they finally got it off the ground" -- I was waiting ALL SUMMER for this, and then when they launched it in late August I was in the middle of my Three-Con Death March. Right now the project is in its last ten days. I'm totally late to the party.)

If you were at Salt Lake Comic Con, these were the folks in the booth adjacent to mine. They were scanning cosplayers all weekend. What they were NOT doing, unfortunately, is printing them on site. I haven't looked at the business plan, but I suspect that if this project does well enough, that will happen at future shows, which, quite frankly, would be awesome.