Minions We Most Certainly Recommend

And now, an extended entry from Sandra:
When the Schlock Challenge Coin project rocketed its way from being a small project into being a gigantic one I spent some sleepless nights wondering how I could possibly get it all done. The answer lay in finding the right help. The people we're listing below are the reason we succeeded at shipping 20,000 coins in two weeks. They emailed me and asked if they could assist us. They showed up on time. They worked hard and they were courteous throughout the process. For us they were doing packaging, but I have no hesitation at all recommending them to you if have work that matches their skills.
Freelance Writer and Handyman
Toad is an Orem local. Yes he really goes by the name Toad. We’ve known him for years. He has helped us set up booths, haul merchandise, and ship product. He’s honest and reliable. Toad is a freelance writer who is happy to write for wages. He is also a freelance handyman with the skills to fix pretty much anything. You can reach Toad via phone 801 471-4424 or email
Freelance Editing
Jason Dyck is another person that we have known for years. He’s helped us with shipping projects many times, and he managed the deployment of the Schlock Mercenary Wiki. He shows up when he says he will and works with energy. He’s got the skills necessary to help with all sorts of editing and has assisted authors who choose self publishing. Jason can be reached at (801) 471-0957 or
Seeking Full Time Employment in Advertising or Marketing
Kyle Meeks is a recent graduate from BYU with an MBA. He specializes in advertising and marketing. When he helped with our shipping, conversation proved him to be smart and creative. I know that he does video work in his spare time. He’s willing to relocate for the right job. He’s an excellent worker and very personable. Kyle can be reached via email
Seeking Full Time Employment as a Personnel Manager
We have known of Rodney Bliss since he used to work near Howard at WordPerfect back before it was purchased by Novell. That particular acquaintanceship (now friendship! Yay!) is older than most of our kids. Rodney is an excellent manager. We know this because other friends of ours have been managed by Rodney and openly tout Rodney as one of the best managers they’ve ever had. You can learn more about Rodney and his managerial style by reading his blog at Rodney can be reached via email
A Website for Writers
Lachelle Hansen has been a friend for years. She’s come to help out with shipping more than once. She and her husband run a website for writers to share thoughts on this crazy process of writing and publishing. You can find it at
Stories and Thoughts on Writing
Julie Frost has been coming to our shipping events for years. Every time she tells us about the amusing things she is writing. You might like them too. You can find Julie’s words at
Science Fiction and Fantasy 
Julia West has been a frequent helper at our shipping parties and is one of the friends we regularly see at local conventions. You can find some of her work at Callihoo Publishing.
Crocheted Creations
Rowan West is a creator of beautiful things. She uses fabric, yarn, ribbon, pop tops, buttons, and other supplies to create wearable items of whimsy and beauty. You can find her creations at her Etsy shop,