Minor Technical Matter, Redux

Okay, I think I've got it. No more CTRL-C, CTRL-V every time I want to include my blogging here. I've got some javascript in place that is pulling excerpts via RSS, and it appears to be working. The formatting is wonky, yes. There are only the CSS styles for hyperlinks and regular text, which means I can't differentiate well between titles of posts and links within the posts. But it sure is better than it used to be, what with me not having to touch the comic index page in order to get blog posts to appear on it. The next steps are as follows: 1) leave this project alone until I've got more book-work done 2) figure out how to get the same thing happening with PHP rather than Javascript (I thought I was there, but the PHP I used barfed on the {content:encoded} data from the feed) 3) Start importing cool stuff down blogunder, like the old Fan Art pages. 4) Install a "ratings" plug-in so y'all can rate my posts and I can rate books and movies.