Miscellany: Stellar Piracy and Administrivia

First: The Star Pirates folks have been welcoming Schlockers with open arms. The Tagon's Toughs fleet is up to 66 members. If you head on over there you'll be in good hands.

Second: The automated update system for Schlock Mercenary is broken, and has to be manually dialed in each evening. This has confused the poor RSS scraper, which expects the comic to be up at a given time. Thus for you, the reader, the comic is showing up a few minutes late and the feed has nothing in it but a link.

That's the current state.

The plan, at least as I've plannified it (yes, I have a copy of Barnum's Thesaurus) is to migrate the whole mess, current layout and all, over to a WordPress/ComicPress architecture sometime this month. The source for the RSS feed will change, but the current feedburner address will still be valid. This will certainly bring its own set of hiccups, hiccoughs, hernias, and hex-nuts, but I believe it's time to put that old system to rest and step into the 21st century.