Mmmm... Cheese!

A very thoughtful Schlocker sent a gift to me, delivered through cheese! There was a strong, soft, crumbly bleu, a deliciously nutty Gouda, and a chevre (goat cheese) called "purple haze" that I just loved. Better still, there was a recipe for making horse-durfees* out of the chevre. Mix it with chopped pistachios, olive oil, and ground black pepper, then spread it on prosciutto and wrap it around steamed asparagus. I followed the instructions (had to substitute a deli salami for the prosciutto, sadly) and it was delicious! Sandra liked it too, and we've shared some of those yummy appetizers** with our greek-food-loving neighbors. So... you know who you are. Thank you! * I hate looking up the spelling of that stupid French word every time I use it. If you're well-read enough to correct my spelling, then you know what I meant. If you don't know what I meant by "horse-durfees" then just assume horrible things about what French people will eat before a meal, and you'll be on the right page. ** I suppose I could keep using the English word, but that drops these delicious rolls of asparagus, goat-cheese, and pistachios in the same category as TGIF's mozzerella stix.