Mobile Schlock Mercenary Update

The latest versions of the the Schlock Mercenary app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch include optional push notifications, so your device can alert you when a new strip is up or when a new blog post goes live. It's not a particularly good gauge of deployment since I am sure at least some people never enable it, but last night the push notifications for the new strip went out to 1001 devices.

There might be a small measure of irony implicit in me blogging this, because this blog post will itself trigger a push to those 1001 devices. 

We're also getting close on the Android version of the app. To my understanding there are some final server-side integration pieces requiring completion, and then it'll be ready for either a controlled beta or a buggalicious public release. Whichever we decide, I'll announce things from here.

If you're going to be at Gen Con and would like to see Schlock on an iPad or iPhone, just stop by booth 1553. We're using a pair of iPhones as credit-card terminals and I'll have my iPad along as well. Why yes, we WILL accept credit cards at Gen Con.

By default, the Schlock app is now ad-supported, but for just 99 cents per month you can turn those pesky ads off AND read three days ahead. Regardless of how you prefer to roll, the app is easily the best way to view the comic when you're mobile. Sure, an iPad will do a good job displaying the site at, but the app has higher resolution images, better navigation, and much faster load times.