More breaking news

Breaking news... I got a new ISP, and I really, really like them. In fact, I like them so much that I thought I'd shout it in bold-face font from my entry.

That's right, I finally got so fed up with Linkbay (may they forever 404 in dev/null) that I took a fellow cartoonist's advice, and had a look at I'm happy again. Here's the scoop:

  • There's a spam filter on their mail interface. Boo-YAH!
  • You can sign up and pay with PayPal.
  • They have local access numbers all over the country. This means I can actually use my own ISP when I travel.
  • It's $13.95 a month for dialup if you pay for a year in advance. Month-to-month you still only pay $15.95

I'll be the first to admit that after being given the runaround by big, national ISPs, AND after having what I thought was a nice, local ISP yank my chain one too many times, anybody would look good. Still, I gave MyGuard a shot, and have been fat, dumb, and happy ever since. They gave me this neato little app that auto-configured my Windows dialup (not that I couldn't do it myself, mind you -- I just appreciated the convenience), and provided lots of really good information up front. After reading their terms of service I could tell these folks were my kind of people.

If, after reading all this, you want to know more (for example, if you're dead sick of your current ISP and want to leave them in much the same way you'd leave the corpse of Darth Hitler stapled to the front door of the zie Death Star), go to and have a look.

More breaking news: I saw a chiropractor today, and I feel like crap (specifically, I feel like a kodiak grizzly broke my back, ate me, and then crapped me in a clearing). The chiropractor was very friendly, and explained to me that it's normal to feel worse before feeling better. I'll keep that in mind tonight as I lurch around gingerly, not looking left or right, and certainly not sitting down at the drawing table.

Fear not, though, Schlock Fans. The buffer has not SHRUNK at all during this vertebral malaise of mine. You'll keep getting your fix at uninterrupted.