More XDM: Prestidigitation

My thrill at working with Tracy Hickman has probably resulted in me understating his son Curtis' contributions to XDM: X-treme Dungeon Mastery. Recently I've started drawing the technical illustrations for contact juggling (one of which was posted over at Tall Tales Radio) and for neat tricks like this one: How to Levitate Dice, from XDM: X-treme Dungeon Mastery, by Tracy Hickman and Curtis Hickman, ill. by Howard Tayler Yes, Curtis and I are going to teach you how to levitate dice. There might just be superconducting magnets involved. And we're going to teach you how to make everything you need. What possible purpose can this serve in a game setting, you ask? Well, an Extreme Dungeon Master (an "XDM") will also ask that question, and then will begin to snicker as the ideas unfold. Yes, yes... I can hear your evil laughter from here. SHHH! You're scaring your co-workers.