Mountain-Con: Howard's Schedule

I'm at Mountain-Con up in the hills east of downtown Salt Lake City this weekend. The event is at the University Park Marriott, right on the edge of the University of Utah campus. It's gorgeous. And I'm indoors all day. *sigh*. Saturday (TODAY!) 12:00pm: Universe Building - The Basics The panelists will discuss building worlds for science-fiction and fantasy. 2:00pm: I Can See You As... I think this is a costuming panel. I'm not sure what I'm doing here. Maybe drawing you as a Browncoat, or Klingon, or Drow? 6:00pm: Military Science Fiction Gee, is that what I've been writing all this time? I guess I'm an authority on the subject. Or at least I can pretend to be. 7:00pm: The Writing Life What's it like to work for yourself (or your publisher) as a full-time writer? I'm on a panel with people who know (and who know that lifestyle is part of how you make it work.) Sunday 10:00am: How To Get Published Yeah, like I know anything about THIS... 11:00am: Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy ... but I suppose I do know a little about this. 2:00pm: Writing for Comics And I probably know a little more about this. So does Jake Black, who is on this panel whether the Convention Committee knows it or not. 4:00pm: Blogs for Business - Do They Help? Yes. Yes they do. Next question, please. So... there's my schedule. This is a small show, but it's fun, and the dealer's room is really nice here. Also, you can meet the man in the Darth Vader costume, the man in the Ewok costume (and the Twiki costume), and several other cool film and television sci-fi celebrities.