Movie Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

I had a great time at the movie with Richard and all our friends from GWAVA, Grouplink, Omni, Brainstorm, and of course Novell. About twenty Schlockers showed up, too, but there's a healthy chunk of those IT guys reading the strip as well. It was quite the party. The movie was lots of fun to mock. This is not to suggest that it is going to be a cult classic, however. It's just a fairly dull movie remake with great special effects, big names, beautiful faces, and no proper ending. The remake omits the most famous line of dialog from the original, " Klaatu barada nikto," which words were used to stop the destruction of the human race. My friend Bob said that he thought MAYBE that dialog was present in Keanu Reeves last mumbled line, but if we can't hear it in the theater it doesn't count. The high crime, however, was underutilization of John Cleese. But now that I think about it, they underutilized everybody except Keanu Reeves. Him they used just right. Towards the end the little boy is standing over his father's grave, and tells Klaatu to bring him back. Klaatu says he can't. The boy cries. Me? I really, REALLY wanted Klaatu to at least try. He's got nanotech at his disposal. We could have had a good zombie movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still Of The Dead. Oh well, another missed opportunity. For all this, we still had fun. We'll definitely be doing this again in a few months. Watch this space.