Mugging Leprechauns

For a long time I have been painfully aware of the fact that my brother Randy is funnier than I am. His Twitter feed is one of my favorite things. When we go out to lunch I am the one who must take care to drink only small amounts of liquid at a time to avoid voluminous spit-takes (unless we invite our friend Dave along. He is more fun to make spit than I am.) 

Today, December 12th, 2011, Randy has released a ninety-nine-cent e-book, Mugging Leprechauns is Totally Legal. It's full of his tweet-length humor, plus some of his single-panel comics from a decade or so ago. 

Today is also Randy's birthday, but that's not really germane to the discussion. I'm not plugging my brother's book as a gift to him. I'm plugging it because it made me laugh, and I think it might make you laugh too. Also, it is not particularly expensive.

Also, I have not yet gotten him a birthday present. Maybe, if enough of you decide to try this book today, I won't have to. Think of the money I could save!